Smoked Salmon served on a crumpet with cucumber, fresh herbed quark, on a decorative white plate

A wild & whimsical gastropub & patio.

Our Story

British cooking meets Canadian hospitality

A new addition to Toronto’s Financial District, The Rabbit Hole invites you to hop on over for elevated pub food, exceptional cocktails, and great conversation—either outside on our lush three-level patio or inside our whimsically designed dining room.

Rooted in bold British flavours and locally sourced ingredients, our menu consists of familiar comfort classics and cheeky twists on old-fashioned pub food. Here, we’re all about time-honoured bar snacks like Scotch eggs, rarebit toast, and sausage rolls; as well as gastro-standouts such as ale-battered halibut and chips, steak and mushroom pie, a double decker chuck burger, and, quite fittingly, rabbit tagliatelle.

We wouldn’t be a proper British pub without a proper drink menu. In addition to a robust selection of craft beers, ciders, refreshers, and wines by the glass, we’re rather proud of our hand-crafted cocktail menu. Featuring 40-some-odd concoctions ranging from fresh and fruity to zippy and zesty, these tipples make for perfect patio sippers from afternoon to night.

At TRH, we strongly encourage you to settle in, relax, and lose track of time. After all, isn’t that what falling down a rabbit hole is all about?

District Executive Chef Ryan Lister

Born and raised in the small seaside town of Weymouth, Dorset, in England, Ryan Lister grew up a proud Southerner who nourished himself with proper home-cooked food. Between his grandma’s stew and dumplings, his nan’s Sunday roast, and his mum’s rice pudding, he could never get enough of the convivial family huddles around a table of delicious, love-laden food. The joy and warmth that envelop him through those memories, together with the unrelenting support of his family, drive his passion today as he leads the kitchen brigades at Liberty Commons at Big Rock Brewery, The Rabbit Hole and Sap Canadian Comfort Food.

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Chef de Cuisine Andrew Nowry

A classically trained musician, Chef Andrew’s earliest food memories revolve around lending a hand whenever recipes were involved. Finding his calling in the kitchen, his undeniable talent quickly propelled his culinary career, opening the door to opportunities across Toronto. After spending time at Liberty Commons at Big Rock Brewery, he joined the opening team at Maison Selby, where he helped launch the bistro to great acclaim. Now at The Rabbit Hole, Chef Andrew’s fierce passion and fresh perspective translates to an innovative take on classic British fare.

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